#MarchSadness: The Finals, The #DuelOfDespair


Knowshon has seen all your bad tweets.

Before we continue with the sadness, a quick thought on the entire competition. Major shoutout to anyone who acknowledged the competition and took it in stride. This should be all that we take from this: stop taking yourself so seriously and learn to laugh. The objective was not to shame anyone, but it served a purpose of making us all self-aware. We all have bad tweets, and on a larger scale, bad moments. Life goes on, keep moving.

To get us back to laughter, here is a contribution to #MarchSadness from @PFTCommenter

Hey fokls welcome to the finals of March Sadness. Its been a long tough battle for some of Twitters most estimeed minds. I'm a little bit curious why my invitation got lost in the mail or whatever, I would of loved to go head-to-head verse Skip or Bart, would of been a instant classic IMO. But anyways now we're down to two: Omar Kelly and Bart Hubbuch.

First've all let me say what a bunch of horseshit it is that Prisco didnt make the finals. I even came up with a random Pete Prisco tweet generator just for you all. Here it is, there are only two tweets that you can choose from:
Tweet Option 1-
{Insert QB that just played a very impresive game here} for MVP my ass. There, I said it.
Tweet Option 2-
Running Backs that are taken before the 6th round of the draft should be chemicaly castrated and shot in the chest with a rocket propelled grenade.
There thats my Prisco tweet generator.
But onto the finalists, we've got Bart Hubboch from the New York Post verse a guy named Omar Kelly. TBH I'm not sure why Bart's in the finals here he seems to give pretty strong takes about ebonics and his daily life even if it sometime's seems like he doesnt know what a football team is. 
HOWEVA (Stephan A Smith voice) Omar Kelly just sometimes seems like a type guy who decides what hes going to tweet and then tweets exactly the opposite of what a normal human being would think, but then he also almost purposely switches all the words around so you cant raelly see what hes even trying to get you to disagree with him on. Oh and this tweet here is just real bad. Just real bad.
Yes sir, this race going to come down to The Wire so its fitting that Omar should die in the end. I vote for Hubboch



Omar Kelly vs. Bart Hubbuch.

There is no right or wrong, only what has brought us to right now. You are here for a reason. The Duel of Despair is upon us. There can only be one.



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